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Multi-function Cart 



Multi-function Cart

Product Size: Cart Size 812(l)*508(w)*876-1177(h) mm

Screen bracket size: 600(w)*660(h)mm

Case bracket:420(l)*240(w)mm

TV bracket for 42"-55" screen

Folding bed :1830L*600W*240H mm

Configuration:Pull out plate;Case bracket ;TV bracket

Color:Whilte color

Net weight:57.3kg

Function :Product can be used as a computer mobile cart,Can also be used as a TV mobile cart,Single bed with folding in the same cabinet,you can pull it out when you use it,When not in use can be folded in the cabinet inside.Do not occupy space,beautiful and generous.This product is used in business ,entertainment,home and Internet Caf¨¦ ect.

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