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single and dual tv cart 

¡¡Single (double) screen installation
Single screen display range:50"-70"
The use of dual display range:36"-60"
Loading weight:150kgs
Product size: 900 (W) *600 (thick) *1500.5 (high) mm
Single screen for maximum hole distance: 1150 (or so) *505 (up and down) mm
Application of dual maximum pitch range: 900 (about) *505 (on mm)
Host box size: 813*246*570mm
Material: cold rolled steel sheet
Performance: the appearance of noble,convenient installation, high safety, high flexibility,Can be moved up and down, the back can hide all the cables,With host box,

Can choose the installation or installation of dual single screen,It is a multifunctional flat panel display mobile stent.

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