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lcd lift with monitor tilting 60degrees

¡¡Product Style: including 15.6inch high definition LED widescreen and Taiwan made Projected capacitive screens;Projected capacitive screen
Panel size£º550¡Á95¡Á5mm
Cabinet size£º520¡Á85¡Á655mm
Texture of Projected capacitive touch screen : G + G two layers of toughened glass, the surface hardness is  Mohs  7 magnitude, induction strength is less than 10g force
Light transmittance > 90%
Touch points: ten points
Operating System: WIN7/WIN8
Screen Thickness: 15mm
Screen structure: front and back is toughened glass and aluminum frame
Motor power: 18W 220V 50/60Hz
Interface: VGA/HDMI
Opening: downward door
Angle of pitch: 60 degrees
Control mode: manual control, remote control, 485  centralized control Central control interface, RS485 input and output


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