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projector hanger 2m

1.High quality carbon steel tube+High quality cold rolled plate(SPCC)
Firm and reliable Base strengthen welding.
2.Universal head adjustment tilt angle of 30 degrees, with the expansion of the vertical 90 degrees.
3.Super compatible, can be deployed in a variety of angles and length, for more than 98% of the projector.
4.Adjustable length: 96-200cm free adjustment.
5.Vientiane, the maximum length is 39 cm diagonal claw, claw Vientiane design, adjust freely.
6.Tube can go though line, the line will not be exposed more beautiful and generous.
7.Surface spraying white environmental protection powder (through SGS certification) other colors need to be customized.
8.Product weight: 4.3 kg    loading weight: 20 kg

9.package:2pc/ inner box    4pcs/carton

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